Very safe to use! Fortunately, there is no cause for concern. MagicUV has less UV rays than the rays you would get from walking out in the sunlight. Also, it takes almost no time at all to cure your nails in an LED lamp and it has less UV exposure

MagicUV can fit your full hand in one time

You can and you should. MagicUV is perfect for Pedicure

Yes, all gell nail polish can be used

MagicUV LED light is emitting wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation that hit molecules called photoinitiators in the gel polish. These molecules absorb the light, thus hardening the polish. Quick and easy

Yes it is, and even better! You can get proffesional results at the comfort of yout house in your own schedule and on a budget

Actually, LED lamps emit more UV than UV lamps. Because of this, they work more quickly to cure the nail polish, meaning that your hands are under the lamp for a much shorter time. You get better results, faster and safe

The device is not rechargable, You have to plug it with the included cord

MagicUV comes ready to use, just plug it and you good to go

MagicUV comes with a DC adapter

Maximum power consumption is 48W

MagicUV has 4 time buttons: 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s (99s button is low heat mode)

You can choose 1 of the 4 time settings buttons or just put you hand in. MagicUV infrared sensor automatically starts the lamp when hands get into the machine without pressing any button. Max working time is 99s

MagicUV provides 1 year of guarantee. You can choose to add additional 1 year guarantee after registering your product online within 14 days of your purchase

Yes, MaicUV has an unique detachable plate for great pedicures

Warranty Extension

Your product comes with a One Year Warranty. Sign up within 7 days of receiving your product to claim the extended warranty from 12 Months to 24 Months. Enter your order number to sign up for a warranty extension.

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